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Organize and Maintain® professional organizer serving New Jersey

Professional Organizing Experts for Senior Citizens in New Jersey

Is there a senior citizen in your life who feels frustrated or unsafe by the disorganization of their personal belongings? Is it time to move an elder parent from their independent lifestyle to an assisted living situation? We can help!

We Understand the Special Needs of Seniors in Lifestyle Transition

Organize and Maintain® specializes in home organizing for senior citizens throughout Central New Jersey (Princeton, Hamilton, Lawrenceville, Pennington, Robbinsville, Monroe etc.) as well as Bucks County, Pennsylvania. We spend time getting to know every client so that we can customize organizing solutions to meet their needs. We offer a hands-on, personal approach to organizing our senior citizen clients in New Jersey. Understanding that there are many years of memories that comprise the contents of a senior’s home, we will work side-by-side or independently to declutter and set up organizing systems that are custom-designed for the specific space requirements.

Organizing for seniors as  their needs change
You can be rest assured that we will work efficiently and non-judgmentally to properly plan and organize a smooth transition from one stage of life to the next. Most importantly, our primary objective is to share strategies to effectively use the organizing systems we create, so it will be easy for the individual to maintain organization - hence our business name.

For many seniors, Organize and Maintain is not only just a trusted provider, but also often seen as a friend. Call us at 609-882-8877 for a free phone consultation.

Professional Organizing for Seniors in Central NJ and Bucks County, PA

Our senior citizen organizing services include:

  1. Identifying needs going forward
  2. Rightsizing possessions
  3. Space planning for new home

Aging in Place
  1. Accessibility of daily use items
  2. Safe mobility throughout the home
  3. Decluttering to allow for home repairs

If you know a senior in need of home organizing help or downsizing and want to learn more about what a professional organizer can offer, please contact us at 609.882.8877 or CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation. If your have professional organizing needs outside of the Central NJ or Bucks County, Pennsylvania area, please ask us about help for your individual situation.

Organizing for seniors as their needs change