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General Organizing

"John is easy to work with, punctual and works very efficiently, and you definitely get your moneys worth." - Jim R. Lawrenceville, NJ

"From the minute John walked into the apartment, I knew I was in good hands. John allowed me to walk him through my maelstrom, and then he offered thorough and practical options to remove the clutter in my life. What I appreciated most was his level-headedness and attentiveness to my ever-growing list of questions. When he left that afternoon, I knew I could take the tools that he had given me and utilize them in other aspects of my organization. " - Chad M, New York, NY

"I decided to hire a professional organizer to help me establish a system to manage paperwork for my home because I was having trouble keeping up with paying some bill on line and some in paper and keeping some photos and memorabilia online and some in paper. John has been the perfect person to help me with this. John has both the computer skills and the organizational skills to teach someone with no experience in computers how to use technology to make their life more simple. I now use my cell phone to manage my calendar which has been fantastic and I no longer forget bills or forms because I can't remember if they were paid or not. Using the systems John helped create has alleviated so much stress and saves me so much time. I no longer feel left behind by the digital age." - Christine L, Flemington, NJ

Attics and Basements

"I have been putting off sorting through everything stored in my attic for over a year. John’s help got me motivated. He showed up on time well- prepared to help me sort, organize, and prioritize. He established a “staging area” and labeled sections according to “Keep,” “Toss,” “Give Away,” “Sell,” and “Decide Later.” We hauled everything out of storage, and within a few hours, we were finished. But he didn’t end there. John took photos of everything to sell, and within a few days, gave me a disc with pictures sorted and cropped for me to post. It was a great experience working with John. He’s friendly, pleasant, very professional, and a great help. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to organize their home, office, or other area. " - Sharon K, Ewing NJ

"At the end of our annual youth retreat, we were too tired to put away all of the supplies, banners, rugs, boxes, costumes, etc. It all got piled into the youth lounge in no particular order, making the room completely unusable. Two hours of John's assistance and the room was clear, all supplies in labeled boxes, and the Sunday School teachers will never know what happened!" - Katie M, Lawrenceville NJ


"Nine months ago, my garage was a dumping ground for all kinds of things in our house. When John came in and organized, he put things together in a logical and convenient fashion. Everything was labeled and space was utilized in ways that would never have occurred to me. John also repurposed our existing containers so that I did not have to purchase anything new. Now nine months later, one bay of our garage has a car parked it and the other has all our outdoor toys, bikes, tools, car items and bulk products put away. The items are easy to find, and the cleaning is easy to maintain." - Sofia L, Edison, NJ


"John is a brilliant organizer. He has completed several different projects for my non-profit organization, from small (organizing the kitchen drawers) to large (cleaning out and organizing the garage)! Each project bears the hallmarks of his work: everything is labeled neatly and clearly and things are organized intuitively. The kitchen is a professional sized kitchen that is used several times a week by a variety of groups. The utensil drawers were complete mess. No one took responsibility for putting things away, largely, because no one knew where to put anything. John came in, assessed the situation, and created a system. It has been 2 years since he organized it, and it is still spic and span. Everything is labeled, everyone knows where everything goes, and no one is searching desperately for a knife at the church social! Thank you, John!!!." - Jessica H, Langhorne, PA

"For over two years after I moved into my house, my kitchen pantry closet was a hodgepodge of canned goods, snacks, paper goods, arts and crafts, extra cleaning supplies...everything and anything you could fit into it. I never took the time to set it up properly, and things were put wherever there was space. My husband and kids had a hard time finding what they needed. John came in and in one afternoon reorganized my pantry so there was a system - he gave everything a "home" - in places that made sense. He used some small bins and also labeled the shelves. He worked very efficiently and did a great job taking into account my family's needs (ie, keeping the kids' items easily accessible for them). He also gave me some good tips on keeping the closet uncluttered - such as taking items out of larger packaging so they look neater and are easier to see. Nine months later it is much easier for me to keep things organized and my family can find things!." - Lynelle T, Allendale, NJ

Moving and Downsizing

"I needed to relocate for a job and John made the whole process a breeze by helping me get organized and packed and keep to a schedule that worked." - Ron C, New York, NY

"After several months of attempting to downsize/prepare for our relocation, I decided to hire John to help me get momentum. He did a thorough assessment and a fantastic job not only working side-by-side with me to sort and pack in some key areas but also with his email follow-ups and tips on how to sell items! Great accountability partner and motivator for me -- John was a major contributor to us getting our house ready to put on the market! His work paid off at our new home -- I easily found the home school books in those logically labeled boxes." - Michele G, Pemberton, NJ

Small Business

"John helped us to re-organize supplies and storage of our existing doggy daycare location. He created and implemented an organization plan of our newest location before opening. John was a pleasure to work with and had great ideas. The work he did has allowed our staff to function much more efficiently on a daily basis. Ordering, purchasing, and storing supplies is now a breeze. John was able to create a system for us and we no longer run into any issues. He is friendly and professional, easily accessible, and always has a solution to our problems. Most importantly, his ideas have created a much more functional and productive work environment." - Dana S, Lawrenceville, NJ / Philly PA

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